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Born 1982 in Aschaffenburg. 2001 High School Diploma (Abitur) at the Maria-Ward-School, Aschaffenburg. Spent a Voluntary Year of Social Service, Child and Youth Welfare in Würzburg from 2001 to 2002. Studied psychology at the Philipps University of Marburg from 2002 to 2008, graduated with a degree in psychology. Worked from 04/2008 to 01/2009 as psychologist in the forensic psychiatry Haina. Married, three daughters.

Ministerin für Wissenschaft und Kunst Angela Dorn

Angela Dorn

Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts

Since 18 January 2019
Minister of State for Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts
2017 to 2019
Chairwoman, Green Party Hesse
2014 to 2017
Parliamentary Coordinator, Green Caucus, State Parliament of Hesse
Top candidate of the Green Party for the state election in Hesse
2009 to 2018
Member of the Committee for Environment, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, State Parliament of Hesse
2009 to 2012
Member of the Committee for Higher Education and the Arts, State Parliament of Hesse
since 2009
Member of the State Parliament of Hesse
2008 to 2010
Chairwoman, Green Party Youth Organization Hesse
2007 to 2009
Member of Stadtverband of the Green Party in Marburg
2006 to 2018
Member of the City Council, Marburg

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