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HessenFonds for Refugees and Researchers at Risk

As part of the HessenFonds, the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts provides scholarships for exceptionally talented and high achieving university students and researchers with refugee status at state universities in Hessen. The funding shall enable them to continue their studies or their scientific career at a state university in Hessen.


  • entitled to asylum or recognised refugee for no longer than four years by the start of funding.
  • the maximum duration of constant residence in Germany must not be longer than five years by the start of funding.
  • follow-up applications need a separate explanatory statement

Students (Bachelor/Master or equivalent)

  • enrolled at a state university in the State of Hessen
  • high academic achievements

PhD Students

  • accepted as a PhD student and supervised at a state university in Hessen with high academic achievements


  • guarantee of a research or teaching placement at a state university in Hessen
  • a supporting statement from the same state university in Hessen
  • exceptional achievements in research and/or teaching

Scope of Funding

The HessenFonds scholarship grants the following amounts for the duration of 12 months:

  • Students (Bachelor/Master or equivalent): 300 Euro/month
  • PhD Students: 1.150 Euro/month
  • Researchers: 2.000 Euro/month

Funding Periods

April 2022 – March 2023

or: October 2022 – September 2023

Application Procedure

Applications have to be submitted to the respective state university in Hessen. Please inquire at an early stage when the application documents have to be submitted to the responsible office of the university.

The universities nominate qualified candidates for the scholarships to the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and the Arts. A direct application at the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and the Arts is not possible. Information about the next deadline for nominations will follow. The next funding period will start in April 2022.

If you are interested in a HessenFonds scholarship, please contact the refugee coordinators or international offices at your university. They are also your contact persons during the application procedure.

Researchers at Risk

As of 2022, HessenFonds funding will also be available to highly qualified researchers (including PhD students) who are threatened by persecution in their home countries. Researchers need to be nominated by a university or university of applied sciences in the state of Hessen. Further details about the application requirements will follow.